The Sebastian Horsten Prize
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  BU Law School How to Donate to the Sebastian Horsten Prize Fund

The best way to make a donation to the Sebastian Horsten Prize Fund is with a credit card (foreign credit cards are accepted - MasterCard, Visa, or American Express), using Boston University School of Law's (BUSL's) on-line donation form or over the telephone by calling +1 617 353 3118.

Donors can also wire funds to BUSL (in either euros or dollars), or send us a draft.

If you wish to wire funds, please send them to Citizens Bank at the following numbers:

Account Number: 110780-798-8
ABA Number: 011500120
Account name: Trustees of Boston University

It is vitally important when wiring funds that you also notify BUSL of your donation, so we can ensure that it gets credited to the Fund. You can do so by sending an email to In the subject field, put Sebastien Horsten Prize Fund, and in the text of the email include the date of the wire transfer and the amount of money you are donating. Please also include your full name and mailing address, so we can contact you should we have any questions regarding your donation.

If you wish to send a draft, as long as the form of currency is not obscure, BUSL can accept it. Most European currencies (especially the Euro) are fine. Please print and complete the online gift/pledge form and send it with your check (made payable to Boston University School of Law) to:

Boston University School of Law Esdaile Alumni Center 765 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02215

If you make a gift by mail, online or over the phone, you will receive an acknowledgment letter from BUSL, and U.S. residents will receive a receipt of their gift for tax purposes. Any questions regarding donations to the fund should be directed to the BUSL Alumni Development Office at or the BUSL Office of Foreign Programs at